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Maidtopia Cleaning Services, LLC​

Austin Metro (512)619-5237

Temple/Belton (254)236-5442


Additional Services


The demand for window cleaning has grown within the last year. We would like to Welcome Mike to our ever growing Maidtopia extended family. He is eager to schedule our next window cleaning appointment.

Hourly Service

Although we offer a Personalized 3 hour Maid Service, we understand that a need for a package with no time constraint is needed. Please check to see if the Hourly Service meets your needs.

* 2 Maids will be sent out for $75 per hour.

* Minimum booking required of 3 hours

* No time Constraints

* Complete the task that you need them to preform in any order you wish

* Advance booking required to accommodate for exact time you need.

* Cannot book more than 8 hrs per day.

* After 6 hrs of work, the maids will have take an lunch break after 4 hrs and one bathroom break per every 2hrs.


Baseboards can be added to any cleaning package. We recommend that a Deep Cleaning be performed if your baseboards need to be cleaned.


Mini-Blinds can be added to any cleaning package. We recommend that a Deep Cleaning be performed if your Mini-Blinds need to be cleaned.

Refrigerator & Oven

Deep Cleaning of the Refrigerator & Oven may be booked at any time. They may also be booked together as a combo or individually.

***Please keep in mind that there are some self cleaning ovens. If your oven is self cleaning, let us know prior to the service or at the time service is scheduled. Maidtopia Cleaning Services will not accept responsibility for any damage to self cleaning oven if the information is not provided on original order.

  • We cannot move furniture or items over 15lbs., but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with a duster. Cleaners are not allowed to step higher than a 2 step stool.
  • Some homes have at least one chandelier or vaulted ceiling fan that we cannot reach by hand. We do not offer chandelier cleaning at extreme heights.
  • We cannot guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning. Excessive build up may require an additional charge.
  • Please allow for some dust resettlement after we leave; we try to limit the dust in the air but cannot prevent this entirely.
  • We do not provide laundry services.
  • Cleaning Services does not include garage area cleaning.

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